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Energy Farm Inc. is a 501(c) tax exempt charitable organization. Your donation to the Energy Farm is tax deductible.

The transition to a post-petroleum economy may be the single greatest challenge ever faced by the United States. The Energy Farm and groups like it need your support to lay the groundwork for this transition.

Ten Good Reasons to Support the Energy Farm
We believe the Energy Farm to be an exceptionally wise investment of your charitable donation, and here’s why: The goals and objectives of our organization represent a strategic initiative.

The impact of alternative energy reaches far beyond the energy sector, giving rise to a cascade of positive effects in such diverse areas as public health, environmental justice, global warming, fair trade, the creation of jobs, improvement of international relations and increased peace and economic security for the United States.

For this reason, supporting the Energy Farm is like supporting ten worthy causes at once! To get a feel for the potential impact of your Energy Farm donation, consider these issues addressed directly and indirectly by our mission:

Global warming
The Energy Farm addresses global warming and environmental instability by promoting energy technologies with zero net carbon emissions.

Loss of species
The Energy Farm addresses biodiversity and the protection of endangered species through reduced pressure on natural habitats due to greenhouse effects, oil and gas exploration and the mining of coal. Marine, freshwater and wetlands habitats benefit from stabilized global temperatures and reductions in crude oil transportation and offshore drilling.

Environmental quality
The Energy Farm addresses air quality and water quality across the United States by promoting nonpolluting electrical generation technologies and low- and zero-emissions transportation technologies.

Public health
Clean energy promises a cascade of benefits in public health, with the potential to reduce and eventually eliminate many health problems associated with fossil fuels: smog and ozone pollution in urban areas, groundwater contamination from coal mining, increased health risks for those living near oil refineries, etc.

Sustainable living
The Energy Farm is exploring ways to sustain the American standard of living without fossil fuels by promoting alternative energy technologies that are clean, renewable, and possess the capacity for open-ended production. There can be no sustainable living or sustainable economies until we have secured sustainable energy supplies. The Energy Farm directly addresses this need.

Economic stability
Our mission promotes economic stability in the United States by advocating a decisive shift to a domestic renewable energy infrastructure. Keeping our energy dollars within our own borders promises unheralded stability in energy prices, a significant reduction in trade deficits and countless new jobs and business opportunities for American citizens.

Environmental justice
From Cancer Alley in Louisiana to the embattled wetlands of Nigeria, fossil fuel technology continues to harm the health and welfare of innocent bystanders. Our mission addresses environmental injustice at home and abroad by advocating a decisive shift away from fossil fuel technology. A reduction in the demand for fossil fuels promises equivalent reductions in the invasion of indigenous lands and fragile ecosystems in pursuit of these dwindling resources.

Rural development
Our mission addresses economic development in rural areas of the United States by promoting the concept of energy farming as a viable option to traditional food-and-fiber farming. Activities conducted at the Energy Farm will one day empower the American small farmer to become an independent energy supplier.

Third World development
Alternative energy technologies advocated by the Energy Farm have immediate and vital applications in developing nations. Wind and solar power systems may be deployed in remote regions, providing clean, continuous electricity to improve standards of living.

International relations
Our mission promotes improved international relations and a reduction in global tensions by seeking a permanent resolution to U.S. dependence on foreign oil. We believe the work done at the Energy Farm will help reduce the threat of international terrorism.

The Energy Farm Project promises to reach beyond even these worthy causes, engendering innovation and creative problem-solving in the fields of agriculture, architecture, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, urban development, design science and countless other endeavors.

Join the Energy Farm as we establish the groundwork for a thriving post-petroleum economy in the United States.

Energy Farm
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