The world’s first brick-and-mortar library devoted exclusively to renewable energy. Read the mission statement. Browse the stacks. The Fuller Library is the library of the American futurist.

  1. Mission Statement: Fuller Library

    The Energy Farm will host a library and archives, with the goal of establishing the largest repository of renewable and alternative energy information in the Eastern United States. This database will become the definitive resource for alternative energy technology application, and also encompass information on energy efficient design and construction of dwellings, methods for increasing the efficiency of existent dwellings, and emerging technologies that reduce household and industrial energy consumption.

  2. Browse the Stacks

    1. Energy – Renewable and Domestic

      1. Solar Photovoltaic
      2. Solar Thermal Electric
      3. Passive Solar heating
      4. Noninvasive Hydroelectric
      5. Wind energy
      6. Tidal power
      7. Geothermal power
      8. Biofuels
      9. Anaerobic gasification
      10. Nuclear Fusion
      11. Government reports
      12. Catalogs
      13. Multimedia
    2. Energy Efficient Living

      1. Appliances
      2. Lighting
      3. Heating and Cooling
      4. Water heating
      5. Insulation and weatherizing
      6. Conservation tips and techniques
      7. Government reports
      8. Catalogs
      9. Multimedia
    3. Energy and the Environment

      1. Carbon Dioxide Emissions
      2. Urban pollution
      3. Acid rain
      4. Hydroelectric dams
      5. Nuclear waste disposal
      6. Environmental impact statements
      7. Government reports
      8. Multimedia
    4. Energy and History

      1. Wood
      2. Water
      3. Wind
      4. Coal
      5. Oil
      6. Nuclear
      7. Renewables
      8. Government reports
      9. Catalogs
      10. Multimedia
    5. Energy and Politics

      1. U. S. policy
      2. European Union policy
      3. The Middle East
      4. The Kyoto Treaty
      5. Nuclear proliferation
      6. Energy and War
      7. Government reports
      8. Multimedia
    6. Energy Farm: Reports and Papers

      1. Mission Statement
      2. Founding documents
      3. Energy production logs
      4. Scientific publications
      5. Energy Farmer’s Almanac
      6. Media coverage
      7. Tax returns
      8. Multimedia
  3. Why Bucky Fuller?

    Buckminster Fuller believed with great sincerity that mankind could solve any problem facing us through common sense and advanced technology. Bucky was a futurist of great optimism, with the right attitude to see us through the coming change in our society. We honor him with the name of our renewable energy library, likewise dedicated to the future well-being of all mankind.