Preparing America for a renewable energy future, the Energy Farm’s educational initiatives engage young minds and keeps consumers informed.

  1. University Outreach

    The Energy Farm seeks cooperative relationships with colleges and universities for educational and promotional purposes. We plan seasonal visits to regional campuses to offer presentations, informal talks and technology demonstrations, and to engender lively debates on the political, economic, and environmental issues relevant to America’s long-term energy needs.

    We welcome cooperative projects with university science departments to study and develop renewable and environmentally sustainable energy technologies. Our proposed facilities offer an outstanding campus-style setting where students can gain hands-on experience and field credits.

    The Energy Farm and its mission are directly relevant to the following fields of study:

    • Physics
    • Architecture
    • Electrical Engineering
    • Mechanical Engineering
    • Agricultural Sciences
    • Biochemistry
    • Information Technology
    • Environmental Sciences
    • Political Science
    • Meteorology
    • Economics
    • Sociology
  2. Elementary and Secondary Outreach

    1. Field trips to the Energy Farm
    2. Energy Farmers visit elementary schools
    3. Small demonstration systems at secondary schools
  3. Consumer Awareness

    A well-educated populace is in a better position to make consumer choices that reflect the desire for a sustainable energy future. By keeping the relevant facts, statistics, and cost comparisons in the public eye, the Energy Farm will encourage an informed transition towards greater energy efficiency.

    We will also diligently publicize new technologies that promise to save consumers money on their energy bills and reduce energy consumption nationwide. Consider, for example, the Kelix air-conditioner. It produces the same amount of cooling as a conventional air conditioner while using only one-half the electricity! Consider the significance of such an invention for residents of the Deep South and the desert Southwest. This and many other exciting technologies are rapidly emerging to meet and facilitate a very real sustainable energy future for the United States. By increasing public awareness of these breakthrough technologies, the Energy Farm will help speed their transition to the commercial market.

  4. Solar Server Online Database

    1. Basics of Solar Energy
    2. Basics of Wind Energy
    3. Basics of Water Power
    4. Basics of Biofuels
    5. Energy Facts and Statistics
    6. Energy and the Environment
    7. Energy Saving Techniques
    8. Product Comparisons
    9. Index of Federal Incentives
    10. Index of State Incentives
    11. The Energy Farming Concept
    12. National Energy Curve
  5. “How-to” Seminars

    The proposed facilities of the Energy Farm are ideally suited to hosting both formal and informal How-To seminars. The working systems at the Farm offer ample opportunity for visitors to gather hands-on experience with renewable energy technology. The main floor of the Fuller Library offers a comfortable classroom setting for lectures, discussion groups, slide shows and presentations. Consider these presentation titles:

    • The Basics of Noninvasive Hydroelectric
    • Assessing Your Site for Wind Turbines
    • The Physics of Solar Energy
    • Working with Low Voltage DC
    • Designing and Building an Energy Efficient Home
    • Installing a Net-Metered PV System in Your Home
    • Taking Advantage of Federal and State Incentives
    • Understanding the Hybrid Engine

    And then there is our favorite How-To Seminar, the one we most look forward to offering:

    • How to Build an Energy Farm
  6. Online Assistance

    The Solar Server Web strategy promises more than just a database. Our website will be backed by friendly and communicative individuals offering expertise with renewable energy technologies to the public free of charge. These individuals will be available to answer queries and offer assistance via email. Be it a suburban homeowner wiring a set of solar panels, a Midwest farmer considering the feasibility of a wind turbine installation, or a high school student writing a term paper – each will find the friendly folks at the Energy Farm eager to assist in their renewable energy endeavor.