The Energy Farm is a 501(c) tax exempt nonprofit organization promoting the nationwide application of renewable and sustainable energy technologies.

Our Goal: to liberate the United States from dependence on foreign sources of energy through the creation of a domestic grid-distributed renewable energy infrastructure for the benefit of ourselves and generations of Americans to come.

The Need: U.S. dependence on foreign energy remains a root cause of domestic economic uncertainty, environmental complications and global political instability. Our energy dollars line the pockets of undemocratic governments, many with troubling human rights records. Actions taken by the U.S. to protect our fragile oil supplies have greatly complicated our position in the world. Yet we as a nation remain vulnerable so long as we remain unable to control our own energy demands or match them with our own energy supplies.

The Solution: a paradigm shift in U.S. energy strategy to maximize use of all available domestic renewable energy resources: solar, wind, hydro, tidal, geothermal, biomass, biofuels and ethanol – while curbing gross energy consumption through improved efficiency.

Energy independence for the United States would mean greater economic security, greater global peace and stability, consistent and reliable energy supplies, and stable energy prices. Moreover, the hundreds of billions of dollars we spend each year on energy would stay right here in the United States, fueling our economy, curtailing our trade deficits and creating countless jobs and business opportunities for American citizens.

Petroleum reserves worldwide are known to be in decline, and proposed substitutes such as coal, liquefied natural gas and uranium are themselves of finite supply and are certain to run out eventually. By contrast, our domestic reserves of wind and solar energy are assured, without the slightest exaggeration, for the next four to five billion years. By building a domestic energy infrastructure based upon these exceptionally long term and open-ended energy supplies, we are ensuring the security and prosperity of the American civilization for hundreds and possibly thousands of years to come.

The Energy Farm is a nonprofit organization founded to promote this vision.

Our project is an integrated approach designed to serve the transition to a domestic renewable energy infrastructure, and may be described by four principal activities:

The Energy Farm facility: a working multi-modal electrical co-generation facility feeding net green energy surpluses into the North American power grid. The Energy Farm facility will serve as an experiment station and working prototype for future grid-distributed renewable energy co-generation facilities.Â

The Solar Server: Energy Farm’s dedicated Web server powered exclusively by renewable energy. Through its dedicated server, the Energy Farm will provide an aggressive Web presence for the discussion and promotion of U.S. energy independence, access to energy information and statistics, links to government reports, environmental research and scientific analyses, indices of state and federal incentives, and tips to reduce household energy use.

 The Media Mission: The Energy Farm will keep the issue of energy independence on the “front burner” of the American conscience through a smart public media campaign. Sponsorship of events, scholarships, full page ads in news magazines and underwriting of National Public Radio programming are among the ideas under consideration.

Educational Outreach: The Energy Farm will pursue cooperative ventures with colleges and universities, making presentations on campuses to engender awareness and debate of energy issues. We seek to endow a scholarship under the Energy Farm name. Presentations will also be made at the secondary school level, and inexpensive solar kits left in each classroom. Our Energy Farm facilities will serve as an open campus for those dedicated to the pursuit of energy independence and an environmentally sustainable future.